Phon beating in Phattalung Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Phon beating in Phattalung

Phon beating in Phattalung Thailand Travel GuideIn the local dialect of Phattalung, “Phon” refers to a small drum used to set the rhythm. Traditionally the beating of the phon drum was used to herald the “Chak Phra” Buddhist ritual, which falls on the first day of the waning moon in the eleventh month. This year, the event kicks off today and runs until Tuesday at the Provincial Hall and Saensuklampam Beach, Phatthalung. During this ancient ritual, Buddha images from various temples in the province are placed on a gilded open-sided throne with pointed spires called the “busbok”. This is carried through the town on ornately decorated palanquins in elaborate land and water processions. The beat of the phon drum sets the pace at which the procession proceeds. To make the rhythmic beating even more exhilarating, the phon has a different beat for each temple and even signals when the boat should pick up speed. Those who make the most rhythmic beats are named the winners of the Phon competition. For more information, contact 074-346-515/6 or 074-613-007

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Merit Making in Samut Prakan Thailand Travel Guide

Merit Making in Samut Prakan Thailand Travel GuideBangkok dwellers don’t have to travel too far to witness the Thai traditional merit-making in celebration of the Ok Phansa festival. Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli district on the eastern edge of the metropolis hosts the traditional Rap Bua (Lotus giving), although this particular ceremony takes place two days earlier, over this weekend. Believed to be an ancient tradition of the Thai-Mon people in Bang Phli, a district that once had an abundance of lotus flowers, the locals continue to this day to offer the lotus flower to monks. The several canals in Bang Phli also make this a great place for waterborne merit-making, and visitors will love the procession of the Luang Po To (replicas of the Buddha image). People throw lotuses on the boat as part of the merit making. There is also much to keep you entertained during the festivity, including Mr and Miss “Rap Bua” pageants, a lotus pedestal arrangement contest, ancient folk plays and Mon water sport competitions. For more information, contact Bang Phli Municipal Office at 02-337-3086, 02-337-3930, 02-337-3491, or Bang Phli District Cultural Centre at 02-337-3715, 02-337-3414.

Chiang Mai Food Festival Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide

Chiang Mai Food Festival Chiang Mai Thailand Travel GuideEveryone who has been to Chiang Mai already knows that it’s a great place to eat. And it’s also the best place to enjoy the authentic taste of Northern food. So make your reservations now and head off for the Lanna Kingdom where the annual food festival will be on at the Airport Plaza from November 1 until the end of December. This year, the Chiang Mai Food Festival presents a remarkable showcase of Northern Thai cuisine. This, along with fruit and vegetable carving, ancient Thai dessert making demonstrations and enchanting Lanna cultural performances are just some of the activities to be savoured. For details, call 053-248-604, 053-248-607, 053-241-466

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