Bang Sai Boat Race Ayutthaya Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Bang Sai Boat Race Ayutthaya

Bang Sai Boat Race Ayutthaya Thailand Travel GuideInternational boat races have been widely promoted in the region for many years to encourage cultural exchange and strengthen ties between countries. The first international boat race organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand on September 17-18, 1988 took place on the Chao Phya River near the Rama IX Bridge in Bangkok. Since then, Thailand has continued to host an annual international boat event. This year, the 15th International Boat Race is scheduled to take place over the weekend of November 2 to 3 on Chao Phya River at the Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre in Ayutthaya. For more information, call 02-694-1222 ext 1972.

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Illuminated Boat Procession Nakhon Phanom Thailand Travel Guide

Illuminated Boat Procession Nakhon Phanom Thailand Travel GuideIf you have some leave coming up, you might want to consider spending some time admiring the annual Illuminated Boat Procession in Nakhon Phanom. The festival, held on the Mekong River in front of Nakhon Phanom Provincial Office, marks the end of the Buddhist Lent. Although the festivities started last Wednesday, the event will continue until Tuesday. This year more than 50 boats, elaborately adorned with lights and assorted offerings, are set afloat and light up the Mekong River at night. However, the boats that used to be made of bamboo or banana trunks by the local community have now been replaced by bigger and more sophisticated crafts thanks to funds from major sponsors. Other activities include a colourful street procession, cultural performances, traditional game corners, outdoor movies and live music – making for a welcome breath of life into the usually sleepy town of Nakhon Phanom. For more information, call 042-513-490/1.

Cultural Chanthaburi Thailand Travel Guide

Cultural Chanthaburi Thailand Travel GuideFrom November 1 to 10, Chanthaburi takes centre stage as it plays host to a major event hosted by the Cultural Councils of 26 provinces in Central Thailand and the National Cultural Committee. The event – “Muang Chan Phanphee Witheethai” – presents long-established Thai customs in the provinces. The programme includes a variety of cultural performances from all over the country. “Muang Chan Phanphee Witheethai” is being held at three separate venues: Chanthaburi central stadium, Sala Prachakhom and Samliam Thungnachei ground. For more information, contact the Chanthaburi Cultural Council at 039-333-164 or 039-332-072

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